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About us was established on November 27, 2014, with the name on the business license of Mien Son Transport Company Limited, tax code 0312565368, licensed by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City to operate in the fields of import-export services, a number of services such as international transportation by sea and air, package customs services, etc. to help export and import goods between our country and the world; or import and export into export processing zones, industrial parks (on-spot import and export).

Business Philosophy of
Customer service
Putting ourselves in the position of the Customer, understands your needs for each specific shipment, this helps us to process information and handle work as reasonably as possible, ensuring that Providing customers with professional and smooth import and export services – Delivery Easily –’s slogan, in order to achieve customer satisfaction, that is the top criterion of Mien Son Transport Co., Ltd. .

Through professional Customer Service, creates more value for the import-export business community.

interal company
At, We share the same ideal of building a company that provides professional logistics solutions. Always maintain a reciprocal relationship between members; towards the goal of enhanced work efficiency and best controllable mistakes. has a professional staff, providing effective, simple and safe import and export services to customers.

Department of import and export service office

Vision is the center of logistics services – international supply chain.’s mission
Providing logistics solutions to help customers import and export easily, efficiently and safely:

Simplify import and export services in international freight forwarding.
Optimizing logistics services to bring customers economical solutions.
Building solutions with innovations in updating import-export news, applying information technology.
Establishing a global agent network, through joining international freight forwarding organizations, such as JCTrans.
To become the logistics service center of Vietnam, by investing in means of transport, warehouses and storage, developing an office system in Vietnam and reaching out to the continent.
Core Values of
Professionally always aims to be professional, to realize that, We train personnel focusing on:

Strong knowledge, good profession
Good skill
Integrity: say yes, do
Control yourself
Respect others
Dedication: Dedicated to the profession. Always consider your colleagues as your friends and customers. Serving customers thoughtfully, wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly like family members.
The right outfit
Internally, the company must maintain the spirit of transparency, not self-interest, always put the collective interests first.
For Customers, always be honest in consulting, implementing and reporting progress.
Actively listen to feedback
If it is a positive feedback, it is an honor, because customers recognize the value in the service they provide.
If there are suggestions, complaints, it is necessary to listen more attentively, find out the causes to overcome and improve, bringing more and more value to customers. customer care department

The spirit of learning, improvement, creativity
Stop studying means you are on the way to obsolescence, so you need to study regularly.
As more and more new knowledge is acquired, we will apply it to improve processes, work, and create creativity in planning and execution.
In consulting: provides services always accompanied by consulting the best options and solutions for customers to choose.
During the service implementation, internally always provides regular and timely support so that the work progress is always guaranteed to the maximum.
For customers to use: always provides services with the concept that customers do the least in the process of foreign trade – import and export, expressed through the company’s signature and stamp, all documents are completed by and sent through the Customer for approval.
After completing the profile, always helps Customer scan the dossier for Customer to store online and check later easily and quickly.
Strictly comply with the law on customs, import and export. Because the Customs has the right to do post-clearance inspection within 5 years from the date of customs declaration. Therefore, the correct implementation of this regulation will help businesses reduce risks later.